I can definitely taste the sunset
A Review of Jamaica Sunset IPA by Mad River Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/25/2011 by Chops
IPAs are really easy to screw up. Unlike most beers, IPAs have very few traits that need to be satisfied in order to be denoted as a quality product. There are basically two: hops and strength. It has to taste hoppy and the strength has to match the taste profile. That's pretty much it. Only then can a brewery put a personal touch on their IPA product. But unfortunately a lot of breweries tend to bypass the balance in their quest for something new. The resulting beers can be incredibly off-balanced and resemble bad blends.

But when breweries pay close attention to the IPA balance, sometimes the resulting brews can develop their own unique personality. Case in point, the Jamaica Sunset IPA from Mad River. It's certainly a great IPA, but there is something curiously different about it. The beer actually tastes tropical. I don't know if that was the intention or not (serious props if it was), but it adds such a nice drinkability to it. Most of the well done IPAs have a distinct pure citrus taste to the middle and finish. This one actually has a sweetened citrus profile, almost like the signature orange rind taste has been complimented with kiwis or starfruit, all of which carry into a delightfully clean and savory aftertaste.

The coloration is a very pretty hazy copper, pretty standard for medium strength IPAs. The mouthfeel is also pretty standard, lots of tangy hops up front with a smooth middle and crisp finish. The aroma definitely stands out with big bursts of sweetened citrus which is very complimentary to the taste.

Overall Jamaica Sunset is a very tasty IPA and I would certainly recommend it to the hop heads. I would also recommend it to anyone looking for something hoppy yet moderately aggressive. I would imagine the drinkability is what sells this beer. It has a very pleasant taste profile that you could actually enjoy in a tropical setting. So grab a Sunset and enjoy the sunset.

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Jamaica Sunset IPA by Mad River Brewing Co.
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