With love from down under
A Review of Trilogy 2: Aussie Salute IPA by BridgePort Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/2/2014 by Chops
Beer has been regionally isolated for most of brewing history. Brews would acquire the distinct aspects of ingredients found in their particular area, many of which can still be identified today, such as the sweet bready qualities of Belgian yeast. The birth of global beer distribution started with the India Pale Ale back in the 1800s, when popular beers were brewed with more hops and strength (which acted as preservatives) allowing them to survive the long trip from England to India. Today, beer is a global product and it's not uncommon for brews to contain a myriad of global ingredients. It's a vast brewing playground, and few regions play harder than the United States. The American craft beer movement has spawned countless new styles and interpretations.

The BridgePort Brewing Company out of Portland, Oregon is the state's oldest craft brewery and one of the pillars of American craft beer. They were founded in 1984 and have been brewing delicious beer ever since. They are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary with a Trilogy of specialty beers. I was recently introduced to the 2nd in the series: the Aussie Salute IPA, a beer that bridges two opposite ends of the world.

Per Bridgeport, ''Aussie Salute pays tribute to the man behind the BridgePort IPA, Phil Sexton, with a cross continental collaboration between BridgePort's current brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton in Portland, Oregon and Sexton in Melbourne, Australia. In keeping with the IPA tradition of local hops, Trilogy 2 uses Centennial and Chinook hops from Oregon's Willamette Valley but is also influenced by two hop varieties from down under, Galaxy and Ella.''

In the glass, this beer had a hazy golden orange coloration. It came with a frothy white head that had nice retention. On the nose, I was greeted by a musky mishmash of grapefruit, peppers, and earthy malts. It always amazes me how hops can completely transform a beer. Region, quantity, freshness, boil time, you name it, they all exert a big influence. I had not experienced this hop combination before, which resulted in a new and interesting intro. Ah beer, always enthralling the senses.

A tart citrus flavor was large and in charge, which dominated the first several sips. I was eventually able to locate other notes swirling underneath, namely sweet grass, green grapes, orange rind, a strange earthy funk, and a mild spiciness. Despite the modest musky aroma, I was surprised to find the prickly punch and strong hop bite of an Imperial IPA. The hop profile was certainly direct, but only moderately aggressive, which prevented a hasty session. The beer had a lighter body and felt almost wispy on the palate. The finish was quite dry and exited with a lingering bitter citrus aftertaste.

Overall, BridgePort's Aussie Salute IPA (Trilogy 2) was a unique brew with a quirky personality. You know, kind of like the Aussies themselves. I enjoyed the experience and can easily recommend it to fans of the style. Beer geeks who gravitate towards hop-centric brews will enjoy the idiosyncratic marriage of Australia's Down Under and the Pacific Northwest. I only caution novices due to this beer's atypical aroma and flavor, which can be a bit confusing. But when all is said and done, this is a BridgePort creation. In other words: never fear, for you will always receive a quality beer.

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Trilogy 2: Aussie Salute IPA by BridgePort Brewing Co.
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