Seeing the forest through the beers
A Review of Scotia Scotch Ale by Bosque Brewing Co.
Posted on 9/24/2014 by Chops
Craft beer fans often find themselves in new and interesting places. We may have a favorite pub, but never an exclusive one. We also love to visit various breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, really anywhere with a respectable beer selection. In today's vivacious craft beer world, it seems that new breweries pop up on a daily basis. Beer fans flock to new brewers like preteens flock to flavor-of-the-week pop stars. We plop down on shiny new bar stools with our giddy anticipation and ponder that magical first order.

However, when confronted by a brand-spanking-new beer menu, deciding on that first nectar can feel a bit intimidating. This is why I always have a few pocket answers for the bartender. I start with, ''what is your flagship?'' And if there is no obvious flagship, I follow up with, ''what do you recommend?'' Basically I want to zero in on the brewer's shining star. I have always found it to be an ideal way to introduce yourself to a new brewery.

I found myself in this exact situation recently when I visited the Bosque Brewing Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In response to my well-rehearsed questions, I was presented with their Scotia Scotch Ale.

In the glass, this beer had a warm cherry brown coloration. It came with a creamy tan head that had really nice retention. On the nose, I was greeted by the lovely sweet malty aroma of a good Scotch Ale. I found plenty of caramel, some earthy roast, and a mild nip of alcohol. It was a straight forward intro with little flare. To be honest, it was a refreshing approach from a style that is often hyper-interpreted by American brewers. I simply nodded in approval and dove in for that first sip.

The mouthfeel was what caught my attention first. It was quite chewy with a solid medium body. This beer had a very strong presence which let me know right off the bat that my session would be a lengthy one. Flavor wise, I found that classic sweet caramel along with dark fruits, earthy malts, some bitter dry chocolate, and a hint of campfire smoke. The hop profile was quite mild and played almost no role apart from an exiting bitterness. The finish itself was somewhat chewy and exited with a lengthy aftertaste of earthy bitterness and spicy alcohol.

Overall, I found the Scotia Scotch Ale to be a lovely introduction to the Bosque Brewing Company. Its great flavor and no-nonsense demeanor left me with no other option but to continue down the beer menu. I sampled several more delights that evening, all of which were solid and tasty brews. While I normally wouldn't recommend an 8.4% ABV introduction to any brewery, Scotia's wee 32 IBUs makes it an easily accessible option to seasoned beer fans and novices alike. Just mind the strength because it can sneak up on you in a hurry.

I greatly enjoyed my first visit to Bosque (Spanish for ''forest'') and look forward to many more. Its quaint bar and pub-friendly food makes it an easy win for local beer fans. Nothing quite says comfort like a warm brat and a cold brew.

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Scotia Scotch Ale by Bosque Brewing Co.
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