Thinking outside of the apple crate
A Review of Thistly Cross Ginger Cider by Thistly Cross Cider
Posted on 9/23/2014 by Chops
As the American craft beer movement soldiers on, sometimes we forget that big strides are being made in other similar movements. Craft cider is one such arena. We are very fortunate these days to enjoy an assortment of new and unique styles, thanks to trailblazers like Thistly Cross Cider out of Scotland. I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Thistly Cross as they were in New Mexico conducting tastings and promotions. I sampled several of their interesting concoctions, including their popular Ginger Cider, which is made with an ''infused blend of fresh root ginger, pressed on our apple press''. I have enjoyed many a ginger beer, but this was my very first experience with a ginger cider.

In the glass, this cider had the classic straw coloration with plenty of carbonation. On the nose, I was greeted by a base of sweet apples with a very strong ginger presence. There wasn't much else to the aroma, which made me a bit nervous. It is very easy to overdo ginger, regardless of medium, and anyone who has ever bitten into a hunk of fresh ginger can attest to its potency. So, I was honestly a little skeptical going into that first sip.

Luckily my apprehension was quelled by the first sip. The ginger flavor was nicely balanced by the sweet apples. It's almost like the ginger needed the additional ump to get noticed at all, even though it translated into a potent aroma. Complimenting the mix were softer notes of floral herbs and earthy spices. The cider had a solid medium body and felt very tangy on the palate. The finish was a tad sticky and exited with a lengthy aftertaste of candied ginger.

Overall, I found the Thistly Cross Ginger Cider to be a strangely rewarding nectar. I liken it to a pint of quality cider with a piece of ginger chew candy dissolved into it. It was quite tasty, satisfying, and even refreshing. This is a cider that I can recommend to any and all beer/cider fans, especially as a great compliment to any hot summer porch. The addition of fresh ginger to a sweet cider was a very interesting choice, one that I wouldn't have necessarily agreed with on paper. But, Thistly Cross has managed to marry the pair quite well. I greatly enjoyed this product and would happily enjoy more in the future. I tip my drinking hat to Thistly Cross for thinking outside of the apple crate. Keep doing what you're doing. Cheers!

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Thistly Cross Ginger Cider by Thistly Cross Cider
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