This is what lagers should taste like
A Review of Heavy Seas Marzen by Heavy Seas Beer
Posted on 5/28/2011 by Chops
Whenever I enjoy a good oktoberfest or marzen lager, the same thing always comes to mind... this is what lagers should taste like. I just don't see how big brew companies continue to output such unbelievably terrible lagers when marzens, an insanely tastier alternative, are essentially the same thing. I would actually drink lagers with a smile on my face if they had more flavor and body like marzens. I just don't get it. I really don't.

Marzen and oktoberfest beers fall under the European Amber Lager category, which are essentially higher gravity lagers. They were originally brewed at higher gravities in order to keep longer during the summer months. Course, we're not talking the difference between regular and Imperial stouts. A higher gravity lager isn't much different from a standard lager, maybe a percentage point or two. But considering the blandness of your typical light lager, those small percentages make a HUGE difference.

Heavy Seas Marzen is a very good example of the style. It has a rich yellow coloration, similar to honey. It's aroma is a delightful spiced bread with grassy undertones, very welcoming. Then taste is very clean, lots of spiced bread and some roasted malt notes with a nicely balanced hop profile. It has a medium-bodied mouthfeel, is quite crisp and leaves a pleasant earthy aftertaste.

Overall, Heavy Seas Marzen is a tasty brew. There are certainly better stylistic examples out there, but this one is a great intro. It's a flavorful, easy drinking summer time brew, so enjoy a cold one at the beach or out on the deck.

Now compare this to the urine colored, metallic smelling, dirty feeling rust water that dominates the beer market, knowing that they are in the same family. It's just insulting. You suddenly realize that as long as some hot girl is holding a bottle of any random beer on television, people will mindlessly drink it. And for anyone reading this who happily drinks those beers, I challenge you to a marzen taste test. Get yourself a Heavy Seas Marzen, take one sip, then try to defend that drain fodder you call beer with a straight face.

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Heavy Seas Marzen by Heavy Seas Beer
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