Refreshment as it should be
A Review of Numero Uno Summer Cerveza by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/11/2015 by Chops
Any beer fan that has found him or herself panting and sweaty after a hard day of work or play fully understands the concept of ''light and refreshing''. Unfortunately, this phrase is horribly abused by Big Beer companies who want to market their flavorless piss water as chugable. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is a big difference between satisfying thirst and feeling refreshed. If I have just spent a day riding my bike in the hot sun, I'm going to down a gallon of water to quench my thirst. But once I'm cleaned up and settled on the porch, I'm going to grab something like Flying Dog's Numero Uno Summer Cerveza for a healthy dose of refreshment. See the difference? (I'm talking to you, BMC)

In the glass, this beer had a sunny yellow coloration that was a shade or two darker than straw. It came with a bubbly white head that had really nice retention. On the nose, I found a toasty pale malt aroma with notes of lemon zest, cracker, floral herbs, and sweet agave nectar. Flying Dog adds fresh agave at the end of the boil, which added a lovely tropical character to the aroma. See what I mean about refreshing?

All of the aromatic notes translated very well into flavor notes, with a cracker malt character leading the charge. As a side note, Flying Dog uses flaked maize for one third of the malt profile, giving the beer a ''distinctive corn and cracker flavor traditionally found in Mexican lagers''. Nailed it, nicely done brewers. Rounding out the mix were notes of lemon and lime citrus, light agave, and mild toasty character. The hops profile was almost a non-player, adding little more than a faint bitterness. The beer had a light body and felt very smooth on the palate. The finish was quite clean and exited with a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

Overall, I found Flying Dog's Numero Uno Summer Cerveza to be... wait for it... a delightfully refreshing brew. As a resident of New Mexico, I greatly appreciated the cultural compliment. This is a beer I could easily see in bars year-round all across Albuquerque. This is also a brew that I can recommend to any and all beer fans. It offers enough complexity to satisfy beer nerd palates and features a high degree of accessibility for general beer fans in need of refreshment. Flying Dog is a brewery with a pension for hop-forward brews, so I applaud them for showing restraint in crafting a thoroughly enjoyable Mexican lager. I imagine my summer will be complimented by many a Numero Uno... and dos, and tres.

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Numero Uno Summer Cerveza by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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