The Storm Has Been Weathered
A Review of Storm King Stout by Victory Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/5/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
As I sit here working on BrewChief, I look over, and next to me is a glorious glass of dark, chocolaty goodness that I have poured for myself. This beauty is the Storm King Stout from Victory Brewing. Seeing as how we are still just getting the ball rolling here, we are starting out with some of our personal favorites to do reviews on. This beer definitely falls into that category as far as I'm concerned. I was drinking it just as a relaxation beer while pecking along on here, when I realized that I had not written a review on it. I could not let that situation continue. It had to be written about, and it had to be written about now. Right now. It deserves the respect.

This lovely imperial stout is a mainstay in my fridge. If you cant tell by now, you will soon learn that stouts are my preferred style of choice. I'm not saying I can't or won't enjoy a good IPA or ESB when I can get my hands on it. I'm just saying that when given the choice, this is the style that I gravitate to. I love the rich flavors that come along with them. The complexity that one can expect from a well done stout always excites me. I learned from early on in my stout drinking days, that this beer is loaded with flavor, and never fails to satisfy.

Storm King looks amazing in a glass. Its dark. Its black. And it carries a thick creamy head that is a rich mocha color, and retains well. If you hold it up to the light, you see that its pointless. There is nothing getting through this glass of midnight liquid. It pours slightly less thick than I normally go for, but it still falls into the category of a full bodied stout. The aromas jump out of the glass almost immediately. Take a big whiff of this beer, and you are greeted by a sweet chocolate smell right off the bat. This is the dominating smell that I cant get away from. There are highlights of coffee and cocoa in there that pop through as well, and I don't mind those at all. You also pick up notes of roasted malts, hops, and a faint alcohol smell on the tail end.

The flavors follow along just as the smells do. Chocolate from the get go. It falls just slightly on the higher side of the sweetness scale to me, but this is an imperial, so the boldness and massiveness of the flavors is to be expected. Along with the chocolate, a lovely rich malt flavor comes through and mutes the sweetness down to the level of delicious. The alcohol is noticeable, but tends to fade away quickly. You do pick up some hops on the back end, but I find myself left with just a nice bittersweet chocolate aftertaste highlighted by fresh coffee.

The mouthfeel has a lingering thickness that stays with you slightly longer than most stouts, which makes you wait briefly between what I would call ''normal'' sipping intervals. If I had to have a ''complaint'' about this beer that would be it. It makes you wait for it. It makes you demonstrate patience and restraint. It sits there in a glass in all its glory and taunts you. It puts you at its mercy. The Storm King is the boss. It's running the show. Its creamy. Its smooth. Its bold. Its what all other stouts should aspire to be.

Storm King is not an ''if all else fails, grab this'' beer. No, no, no. Storm King is a ''seek it out at all costs'' creation. I would have no problem recommending this stout to anyone. I would tell the novice drinker that its a lot to take in, but its worth it. Its bold, but not over the top. Its complex, but not confusing. I would tell the more experienced drinkers that it is a perfect example of what an Imperial stout should be. Its a well done offering from Victory. Simply put, Storm King Stout is a well balanced execution of deliciousness.

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Storm King Stout by Victory Brewing Co.
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