Porter Poured...and the Verdict Is....
A Review of Rogue Mocha Porter by Rogue Ales / Oregon Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/6/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
slightly disappointing. Maybe its me and my love for all things imperial. Maybe its the fact that I have been on an unbelievable chocolate kick the past few days and my taste buds are dulled. Maybe Im just losing it. In any event, I was really expecting a little more from this beer. Especially considering its from Rogue. These guys seem to be on top of most everything they do. If Im wrong, feel free to chime in. I ain't skeerd!

When I read Mocha Porter on a label, I think its fair for me to expect a nice rich porter mixed with some delightful notes of coffee, and other roasted goodness. Im willing to let the consistency of the beer slide if the flavor is there. So when it poured a little thin, I was alarmed a little, but was still expecting some sheer beer awesomeness. I gave it a good whiff, and the first smell I noticed was....roasted. I cant really explain it more than just a roasted smell. Nothing specifically roasted. Again, just...roasted. After the initial roasted smell passes, you do pick up a hint of coffee, and maybe some malt. Thats about all I got.

After taking a sip, it was a little more carbonated that I was expecting, so that caught me off guard. It took me a minute to get past that. Once I did, I picked up the roasted and coffee flavors in a mixture. For them to be so separate in the aroma department, they mixed in the flavor department, with neither stepping up and taking control. At the very end, there is a malt flavor that stays for awhile in the after taste department. Not in a good way. Not in a bad way. Its just kinda...there. Theres no dominant alcohol flavor to be found in here, and as you will learn about me, Im perfectly fine when the alcohol is there but I have to look for it.

I guess all in all, this isnt a terrible attempt at a mocha porter, but I believe it could be done a lot better. If you are at a bar somewhere and this is on the menu along with the mass brewed beers, take it hands down. If the bar has a big beer selection, I think you can find something a little better.

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Rogue Mocha Porter by Rogue Ales / Oregon Brewing Co.
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