Goin' Gonzo...(WR#2)
A Review of Gonzo Imperial Porter by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/8/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Well, in line with my plans for the evening, Im sticking with the darker side of beers. The next beer up, Flying Dogs Gonzo Imperial Porter. Grabbed these from the store today with no high hopes other than lots of flavor. Ill be honest and say that Flying Dog has never truly wowed me, nor has it disappointed me. Its sort of just walked that line of telling you what its making, and making what its telling you. That being said, lets get to it.

Upon the original crack of the bottle, I got caramel and cocoa. At least I think that's what I got. Yeah, that's it. It's kind of a mix. There's some light coffee notes in there, but nothing dominant. Nothing jumps up and grabs you by itself. After a second, deeper sniff, I actually can smell the alcohol. This guy rings in at a 9.2% on the bottle. This didn't SCARE me, but it did concern me. There's nothing like a good brew gone wrong with a dominance by the alcohol. After giving it a minute to breathe I decided to dive in one more time and see if I missed anything. Surprisingly, there was a change. The alcohol is still there, but not near as bad as at first. I actually picked up some hop notes, and the malt started to come through. Maybe we are getting somewhere now???

Alright on to the tasting. The first thing I was getting was hops and alcohol. I wont say its in a bad way. Ill just say that is what first jumped out at me. The carbonation is a little high for me for a porter. It seems to force the alcohol into your nostrils on the back end. I know it sounds like I'm getting all technical here, but if you try it, you'll get what I'm saying. Ya know, this could get a little weird. After a few sips of this beer, I could swear I am getting a bourbon flavor, and actually there's a slight hint of it in the smell as well. I believe this is due to the beer warming as it sits. For those of you that have experienced this before, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you that this might be confusing to, maybe we will to a tutorial or serving instructions page for beers. The flavor of beers can change due to temperature. Its all to technical for this one review, but maybe we will get into it some other time.

ANYWAY!!!! I got all off track. I think I can say this is a very complex beer. The flavors change and it can be entertaining, especially if you let the 9.2% kick in and THEN start to contemplate it. I could see myself sitting and drinking a few of these and enjoying them. I might not know exactly what I was drinking, but I would enjoy it none the less. I'd say give it a whirl if you saw it, but I have had better. And I know I have had worse. Again, middle of the road, but maybe moving in the right direction at least.

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Gonzo Imperial Porter by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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