Through the eyes of the unknowing
A Review of Choklat Stout by Southern Tier Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/4/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
Believe it or not, sometimes reviewing beers can get a little mundane. I know, I know. Poor me, right? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of the ''research process''. It's just that getting the results on the page can sometimes feel routine. So when a completely different brew experience presents itself, I always love to take full advantage of it. When the same type of opportunity presents itself, and it also involves the Southern Tier Choklat Stout, I not only take full advantage of it, but I also eagerly want to share it.

Recently, thanks to some totally by chance luck, me and two friends managed to make some last minute plans to stop and grab a bite at a Taco Mac after work. For those unfamiliar with Taco Mac, there are about 22 locations in Georgia, and a few others in some neighboring states. The main thing you need to know about them is that they have one of the largest beer selections you might ever come across. And to be more specific, they not only have a great craft brew selection, they have a lot of them on draft.

So there we were, grazing the menus, when the Southern Tier Choklat Stout jumped off the page and slapped me silly. I have had it numerous times in the past, and knew at some point it would be in front of me on this evening as well. Now I should mention that one of the other two guys I was there with really enjoys good beer, but he admittedly doesn't have much experience as far as selection goes. In his own words, ''I like IPAs, and know that I really don't like any of the dark beers I have tried.'' There is much to be said for his honesty, as well as what he actually said. He knows what he likes. No problems there. He also knows what he doesn't like, or hasn't enjoyed when he has tried it. Again, perfectly fine. He knows that of all the dark beers he has had, he didn't like any of them, but it also showed that he was willing to keep trying them. So we all ordered our first round, and proceeded to catch up and get the story sharing going.

When it was time to order round two, our less experienced friend says ''What are you guys getting?'' We both already knew we were getting Choklat, and suggested he do the same as well. He said ''Is it a dark beer? I mean, I know its strong because it says right here beside it that it is an 11%ABV, and I don't want to waste my money on a beer I can't drink.'' Without hesitation, me and my other friend said ''Trust us. It's awesome'', knowing full well that if he didn't drink it, we would fight til bloodshed over his leftovers. So like a real trooper, he said ''Ok. Make it three.''

After a few minutes, the bartender returned with three lovely glasses of that wonderful black nectar. Me and the friend who knew what we were getting into just looked and smiled as our other friend just sat and stared at his glass. ''Man, it looks like motor oil.'' We both nodded in agreement. Then we watched as he slowly and tentatively picked up the glass and said ''I haven't even drank any of it yet and feel like I have just ate a big chocolate bar based on the smell alone''. Once again, he was spot on. And then the moment of truth came. He took a sip of it, sat the glass back down, and once again stared at it, but this time he had a smile on his face. When asked what he thought, he had one of the more insightful responses I have ever heard when it comes to this beer. He looked at us and said ''I swear its like drinking a chocolate malt with some extra chocolate syrup added in. I mean dang. It even feels like one when you drink it. This is crazy. It's like dessert in a glass with the bonus of booze added in.'' My only thought was ''Holy cow. He just wrote my review for me.'' Now granted, I was a little ticked that a ''novice'' could give a better beer review in about five sentences than I could in five paragraphs, but it doesn't change the fact that he nailed it.

So after all the glasses were empty I looked at him and asked ''Were we wrong?'', and his response was ''That beer was un-freaking-real.'' I don't know if there will be any Pulitzer prizes being issued for his summary, nor my review, but the man was spot on. The people at Southern Tier Brewing Company have never ceased to amaze me with their Blackwater Series, and beers like Choklat Stout are perfect examples of why. It is beyond loaded with delicious flavors, has a great mouthfeel, and even with its 11%ABV, it is remarkably drinkable. So my only word of advise would be for beginners and experts alike to take their time with it. It can be a bit sneaky, but more importantly, who wants to rush through dessert?

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Choklat Stout by Southern Tier Brewing Co.
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