Brave the storm, assume the throne
A Review of Storm King Stout by Victory Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/3/2011 by Chops
It's always fun to try and discern a beer's overall impression solely from the name or artwork. Some are pretty obvious, some are mysterious or discreet, and some leave you scratching your head in total confusion. Storm King is a mysterious beast. You already know it's an Imperial Stout. But with a name like Storm King, you get the impression that it's going to drop kick you in the face then demand you thank it for such an honor.

And that's pretty much what it did. Storm King was our final tasting selection at BrewChief's Victory Round Table event. This is one of those beers you pour into a glass and immediately respond with a big sigh. You know it's going to be relentless and aggressive, but you also know you're going to be rewarded with delectable goodness. So man up and let's get through this.

Once in the glass, it has that menacing black appearance common with imperial stouts, complete with that creamy coppery head. The aroma is quite grand and you don't have to get near the glass to partake. Big dark chocolates and smokey malts fill the air around the beer. That first sip is a doozy, big bold hops right off the bat with charred malt flavors rushing in behind it. The first few seconds are quite chalky and gritty, so it puts you a bit on edge until you get to the middle ground. And once you're there, you reap the rewards of battle. Rich chocolates fill your palate coupled with burnt sugars and woody notes. This is where the Storm King hooks you. Screw the front, screw the finish, you just want to swim around the middle ground all night long. The finish can be a bit coarse, but it doesn't really matter because you're already into the next sip.

Overall, Storm King is an amazing imperial stout. But I should warn readers, it's not for the weak. This beer has some serious bite and I doubt I could get through more than two in a single sitting. This is a beer you respect and save for special occasions. On the flip side, it's remarkably drinkable for a strong imperial stout. So if you are in the mood for a strong rich beer without the overpowering bitterness, then by all means brave the Storm.

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Storm King Stout by Victory Brewing Co.
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