It takes some serious stones....
A Review of La Terrible by Unibroue
Posted on 5/15/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Exquisite name your beer this. It takes some even bigger stones to drink it. Its name is La Terrible, and literally translated, it means....Terrible. Who does that? Who puts the word ''terrible'' anywhere on their product? Who throws something out there and simply dares you to be different and go for it? I'll tell you who. Unibroue. This spectacular offering from Unibroue, stands up and says ''My name is Terrible, and you can't handle me.'' And for those of us brave enough to go against the grain, we are rewarded greatly with an assault on the senses that ends up in a wonderful experience in deliciousness.

There are only a few beers that I buy that I actually hold on to for either a special occasion, or just to share with a good friend. This is one of those beers. I had it for a couple of weeks before I cracked it open. Me and a close friend, fellow beer lover and reviewer on this site, ScottBee got into it a few nights ago. I hope that I can only do this one justice in this review. Maybe he can chime in as well with his own thoughts.

You don't even get the cork out of the bottle and on the table before you are greeted with sweet aromas of dark fruits. You can pick up on plums, raisins, figs, and even grapes. There are hints of alcohol and sweet Belgian yeast as well. You can even pick up some perky spice notes in there. I even detected some molasses and brown sugar in it. This one has a lot going on to say the least.

I couldn't wait very long before I had to pour it in a glass. When poured, its a dark. Its not opaque, but very dark, boarding on black. If you hold it to the light, you get some very nice deep red hues on the edges. When you take your first sip of it, the overall fruit content of this one just pops. You can pick up on all of the above mentioned fruits, with the plum and fig flavors being most prominent to me. Upon going back for the second taste, I could swear I even picked up on some green apple in there. There is a sweet flavor carried through out this one. It is there when it first hits the tongue, and its there on the tongue when all has been swallowed. The spice notes that I thought I smelled peek through only occasionally, just to keep your palate on its toes is seems. The alcohol is there, and it gives you a sting, but its enjoyable. It works well to tone down the overall sweetness you get in this beer. It seems to go from sweet to tart, and then back to sweet again at the drop of a dime. The carbonation is light and crisp. The mouth feel medium to light, and somewhat dry. A good way to look at this beer is to think that its almost a red wine with just the lightest bit of carbonation.

People, this beer is complex. It's not for the faint of heart. I would love to recommend it to everyone, but I can't in good faith do that. If you are a beginner, stay away. Maybe one day after you've let your palate adjust to what good beer is, you can give it a go. Otherwise, it will ruin the better beer experience for you. And not because its a bad beer. It is a GREAT beer. I would almost say its a perfect beer. And that brings me to the advanced beer partakers. Trust me on this one. It's worthy. I dare you to try it and suggest to me one that is better. Seriously. I mean, if there are beers better than this one out there, I need them. If you see it, get this one. Be bold. Grab it and yell out loud in the store ''I'm buying a beer that's name means terrible!''. Don't be afraid to be different. Show everyone that you know what good beer really is. Show them that you have the stones.

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La Terrible by Unibroue
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