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A Review of Paradox Macallan by BrewDog
Posted on 5/29/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
It never fails that when fellow BrewChiefer ScottBee and myself get together, something interesting always unfolds. This weekend was no different. It started out harmless enough. We were splitting some brews and about to watch the UFC pay-per-view, when I hear ''I think now is the time.'' Next thing I know, this beauty was being cracked open and poured.

For those that don't know how the Paradox line works, allow me to explain. Brewdog makes their imperial stout, and then they age it in whiskey casks. Its that simple. The idea of aging beer in whiskey casks is somewhat of a recent one, and several breweries have started playing with the concept. What makes the Paradox offerings different is that they are a series of beers, each aged in a different whiskey distilleries cask. Now the one that we happened to be partaking in was the Paradox Macallan. And if that weren't awesome enough in its own right, it happened to be a Macallan Sherry Cask. Is your mouth watering yet?

When it was poured, it looked like a typical stout minus a thick head. There was just a small amount of head that disappeared rather quickly, leaving only a hint of bubbles floating in the glass. The color was just right for an imperial stout. Black, and opaque. You really don't get much time to enjoy the looks of this beer before you are attacked by the smells. While you do pick up the typical aromas that come with a stout, you are first met with the smell of sweet sherry. You can pick out the Macallans in there without even having to think about it. It works well to compliment the coffee and chocolate smells that are also in there. One can't help but be excited that they are about to taste this one.

When you do finally allow yourself to take that first sip, it is quite the experience. The flavors follow suit with what you smelled in the glass, but in a strange way. You would expect with all the rich flavors that you smell, there would be some collusion and blending of them in some way. Not happening here. The all stand out on their own. You definitely get the Macallans flavor right up front. It gives you the feeling that it is going to dominate everything else in the glass. And then as quickly as it greets you, it steps aside and you can get a good bittersweet chocolate taste, that eventually bows out to a nice bitter coffee taste at the back end. There's a lingering hint of smoke that hides in the background all the way through, but its not distracting. It's quite a great tasting brew to say the least.

The only thing that I would even remotely complain about would be the mouthfeel. It was a little thin for what I'm used to in an imperial stout. A little more body wouldn't be a bad thing here. Also, I think there could have been a little more carbonation to add to the experience, but then again there might have been when the beer was made. I think I forgot to mention that this beer was made and bottled in 2008. Other than that, its about as good as it gets.

I want to thank ScottBee again for allowing me to share in this experience. It was quite an enjoyable one indeed. I would recommend this beer to anyone, if for nothing else other than to say they had it. The novices could take the opportunity to get a good ''story beer'' under their belts, while the veterans would enjoy it for what it is. A well crafted specialty imperial stout. Now seeing as how this beer has been retired, I would offer you this advise. If you see it, grab two. One to enjoy, and one to put back for some special day down the road.

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Paradox Macallan by BrewDog
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