Giving a witbier a whirl
A Review of Whirlwind Witbier by Victory Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/2/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
So when I think of a witbier, more often than not I get this weird look on my face. It resembles what most people look like when you ask them what the square root of 814 is. That's right, the look you now have at this very moment. You see, its not that I dislike witbiers. I just get really confused by some of them. They seem to be a very simple beer, yet many breweries seem to find ways to royally screw them up. And when one is screwed up, it leads to a very bad beer experience. On the flip side however, when done well, a witbier can be a very refreshing and enjoyable beer. Luckily for me, Victory is brewing on the flip side of things.

At our recent Victory round table event, Whirlwind was the first beer on the sampling schedule. When its in the glass, it has most of the characteristics that one can associate with a witbier. It has a nice hazy golden color in the glass, and if you hold it up to the light you can see right off the bat that this is unfiltered. The aromas that I noticed were quite pleasant. I picked up citrus notes that leaned towards the lemon side. I also detected some notes of coriander, clove and even ginger. I was very hopeful at this point.

When you go in for that first sip, you get a nice citrus pop that was a little surprising to me. I couldn't pick up on a specific citrus flavor, but more of just an overall feel. There was a hint of breadyness in the middle flavors to me. Eventually the taste did give way to the typical banana flavor that is normally associated with a witbier. In the Whirlwind though, it wasn't a domination of bananas like one usually gets in this style. To me it was more of just a banana hint, that actually bowed out at the end to a sweet yeast flavor. If you are familiar with the notes that Belgian yeast lends to a beers flavor, that is exactly what I was getting. Not a bad aftertaste in my opinion. The mouthfeel was crisp and light. There was a decent amount of carbonation in there, and it does its job well. Its pretty spot on for a good summer session beer.

I will have to say that I was impressed by this offering. I have never been a fan of witbiers, but this one again gives me hope. I would have no problem recommending this beer for anyone to try. Any novice could easily enjoy this beer because its not overly aggressive in any particular department, and has some really nice aromas and flavors that peek through enough to be distinctive. As for the more experienced drinkers, they can enjoy it as well. Just remember to take it for what it is and be happy. Simply put, its a good, drinkable witbier.

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Whirlwind Witbier by Victory Brewing Co.
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