Showing what beer should be
A Review of Batch 69 by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 6/29/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
How many times have I stated before that I am not much of a ''hophead''? My guess is a lot. But just to make sure I'm clear, Got it? Ok. Now that I've made my point, I would also like to say that I LOVE a good IPA. Confused? You shouldn't be. I realize that to some I may have just made a contradictory statement, but to others I have expressed a feeling that many of you will agree with. Many of today's beer makers have decided that not just Imperial IPAs, but even regular IPAs should be so hoppy and bitter that when you taste it, you feel as though your face will turn inside out. That fact alone is what makes me thankful for breweries like Frankenmuth. They don't feel the need to blow you away with beer bells and whistles. They just seem to make a good quality brew that is always inline with whatever the style dictates. Their Batch 69 American IPA is a perfect example of their no nonsense style.

When I poured it into a glass, I was caught by its nice cloudy honey appearance. It's definitely unfiltered. There's a nice thick head that hangs around for quite some time. I found myself actually admiring this one for a moment. After you pull yourself away from its visual appeal, you find out that its more than just a nice glass of eye candy. When you get your nose in there, this one really begins to shine. Right off you are met with a nice orange citrus smell that climbs over everything else. After you get past that, you can pick up on some nice florals, along with some sweet malt notes in there. Light pine scents come through, and even wheat and caramel can be found in very faint areas. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what an IPA SHOULD smell like.

When you get to take that first sip, you are again pleased. The taste follows almost exactly how the bouquet presents itself. You get a nice orange taste right off. It comes with a bit of a piney hop bite, but not to the point of shocking. Its followed by some subdued floral and other slight citrus notes, and then you get just enough of a sweet malty flavor to balance everything out on the way down. The carbonation is what most would consider a bit high for an IPA, but really its just about perfect. There's enough of it to keep things moving, but not enough to cause a distraction from the good flavors. I get just a bit of a sticky sensation in my mouth from it, but surprisingly, the finish is very dry. I am not used to this type of finish, but I admit that I do like it.

I really enjoyed the Batch 69 from Frankenmuth. I think that they really have a high quality American IPA here. The aromas are great and not overpowering. The flavors are distinct and refreshing. Honestly, what more can you ask for in an IPA? I really have no problem recommending it to any camp. While most beginners might find it a bit strong, this is a great beer to get your hands on for the learning experience. If for nothing else, you can see what a quality American IPA is. The veterans can take my word for it when I say that this one doesn't disappoint. It won't overpower you with nonsense. It will bring you back to what good quality beer is supposed to be. Good. Quality. Beer. While other breweries have forgotten this simple concept, it seems as though Frankenmuth has mastered it. For that, I think we all owe them a tip of the cap. Good job guys! Cheers!

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Batch 69 by Frankenmuth Brewery
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