A stout to satisfy the masses
A Review of Schlafly Oatmeal Stout by Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. / Schlafly
Posted on 7/7/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
In todays wild and crazy beer world, it's not often that you can find a beer that everyone can enjoy. Now I realize that some hopheads will simply never make the transition to the darker and sweeter side of the beer spectrum, and some stout lovers will never subject themselves to the bitter bite that the hopheads swear by. That being said, there can even be lines drawn in the sand between stout lovers. I know that people have their own preferences when it comes to sweetness, bitterness, mouthfeel, and individual flavors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As a writer, I try to keep that in mind when I write these reviews. It's a very rare occasion when I find a beer that I can recommend all people in a particular camp. Today happens to be one of those rare occasions, and Schlafly's Oatmeal Stout happens to be one of those rare beers.

In the glass and away from the light, it has the appearance of being completely black. When you hold it to the light however, its a nice dark brown with some deep ruby red hues around the outermost edges. The head on it what you would normally expect from a good stout. Right around two fingers worth, but dissipates quickly leaving just a faint film on top and has minimal lacing. The initial aromas that you can pick up on are general ''roasted'' and ''smoked'' tones, lending themselves to the specifics of faint burnt chocolate, cocoa, and heavy oats. Dig a little deeper and you get a sweet, nutty feel from it. There's a good bit going on in there, but nothing overly complex.

The first taste hits you with a warm, burnt chocolate taste that is quite bold and delicious. Once you get past it, you can pick up on a roasted, nutty flavor mixed in with some light oat notes. Its a little different than what you get from your standard stouts, but keep in mind, there's a reason why its called an oatmeal stout. You should fully expect those oats to come through at some point, and this is where it happens. The middle and back end have an odd, but awesome mixture of smoke and hops flavors. It closely resembles burnt coffee, but with a bit more of a smokey taste than usual.

I found the mouthfeel to be a bit light for my taste, but due to its sweeter than normal nature, it's about right for an oatmeal stout. The carbonation is a little above average, but it works well in moving things along without too much distraction. There is a bit of an oily feel left behind, but not to the point of sticky. You are left with a nice, sweet, roasted coating in your mouth that leaves you simply wanting more.

Overall, the Schlafly Oatmeal Stout ends up being a highly drinkable and delicious brew. I feel like it could be enjoyed by any level of beer drinker, and especially those who find themselves leaning towards the stout side. It would be a great beer for someone looking to cross the bridge into the better beer world. There's some good flavors and aromas dancing around in it, but not to the point of being overly complex. They are easy to pick out and enjoy all at one time. The more experienced drinkers might qualify this one as more of a session stout, but what's wrong with that? It's actually a compliment if you ask me. I mean, any beer that you can drink more than one of in a single sitting has to be good, and that is exactly what this one turns out to be. So beer drinkers rejoice. Here is a stout to unite you all.

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Schlafly Oatmeal Stout by Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. / Schlafly
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