Do it right, and they will drink
A Review of 471 IPA by Breckenridge Brewery
Posted on 7/10/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
When I read ''Imperial IPA'' on any beer label, I instantly think to myself ''I wonder how bitter and over the top aggressive that beer is?'' More often than not, when I try one of those beers, I am left thinking ''Wow, that beer was way TOO bitter and over the top aggressive.'' It has simply become the nature of the beast. It seems that every brewery is out to one up everyone else in the battle for the biggest and boldest IPA ever created. That's why I find it so refreshing, and even reassuring, when I get my hands on a beer from a brewery that seems to have simply ''got it''. Sometimes just doing it right means doing it VERY right. This is the very feeling I had when I got my hands on the Breckenridge 471 IPA.

The appearance of this beer in the glass is just gorgeous. Its a nice dark copper color, with a thick, fluffy white head that has a lot of retention. You don't really get much time to enjoy the look of it though, as the hops attack is upon you almost immediately. I picked up on a very sweet grapefruit aroma that was quickly followed by a very crisp layer of pine hops. If you give it a minute to calm down a bit, you can pick up on more of a malty quality to it. To me, there was some very light caramel notes coming through, as well as a bit of a bready smell.

I went into the first sip completely prepared to have my tongue blasted off by an overpowering hops explosion. Imagine my surprise when I tasted a well blended and balanced mixture of caramel malt and grapefruit hops at the same time. If I were forced to pick which came first, I would say the grapefruit was slightly more upfront, but it was only ahead by a hair. The pine came through only slightly, but was tasty none the less. The hops ''bite'' was not as strong as I was expecting, but to me that's a good thing. It was more noticeable on the back end than anywhere else. The carbonation was slightly above normal to me, but it worked well in this one. When all is said and done, you are left with a slightly oily mouthfeel, and an aftertaste of sweet grapefruit. My only ''complaint'' would be that you really have a hard time tasting any alcohol in it. Now, I'm not saying that I want to taste the booze in my beer, but this one packs a whopping 9.2% ABV. Things could get a little dangerous due to the high level of drinking ease. That's all I'm saying. Do with it what you will.

I think it's safe to say that the 471 IPA is a winner in my book. It's full of nice aromas, has a great look, and is packed full of flavor. I couldn't recommend it to the beginners because I just don't think their palate is ready for this kind of explosion. It's just a little too much if you are not well versed in the ways of the IPA. But veterans in the search for the better brews can rejoice. This one should be put on your list, and high up on it at that. It's just that simple. Take a break from having to look for good beer, and take me at my word. I've done all the work for you here. All you have to do is find it, buy it, and drink it.

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471 IPA by Breckenridge Brewery
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