Good for a gateway
A Review of Drop Top Amber Ale by Widmer Brothers Brewing
Posted on 8/2/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
From time to time I have to step back and remind myself of a little fact. Just because I don't find a beer to be of ''stellar'' quality doesn't mean that it's not a good beer. We of the beer snob designation sometimes tend to forget that. As we take our journey through the world of better beer in search of the best, we can walk right by beers that are still pretty good. A lot of times you might hear us designate a beer as a good ''bridge beer'', or a ''gateway'' beer. What we are trying to say in many of these instances is that we have found a good beer that, while it might not blow you away, could still be a very enjoyable beverage. We just think that these beers might be a little easier or more appealing to the beginners palate, as opposed to blowing away the more experienced drinkers. The Drop Top amber ale is a perfect example of a nice ''gateway'' beer.

When you pour it, there are no real surprises to be had. It follows suit for what an amber should be. The coloration is a caramel brown that has just a bit of haze to it, but is far from cloudy. A bright white head sits on top at first, but before you know it, it's gone. The aromas fall right in line as well. You can pick up on a nice bit of caramel in there with no problems. There's also a faint toasted bread smell that makes itself known, along with just a bit of honey.

Just as there were no surprises in the aroma and appearance departments, the flavor does the same. There is nothing in there that's going to shock you either way, good or bad. This is a straightforward amber ale. The malt and caramel are with you throughout the flavor train, along with little else. Some bread notes are detectable, but this one is pretty much sticking to the basics. Now this beer did come off as a little too sweet for me, and though some might be turned off by that, it is just another reason why I think it would appeal to the less experienced drinkers.

The Drop Top amber ale is a pretty simple beer, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles to make a good beverage. Just do it right, and people will drink it. As I said earlier, for those looking to take those first steps in their better beer journey, this beer would be a great place to start. The flavors, while basic, are easily detectable. It goes down smooth, and doesn't have any offensive characteristics. I won't tell any of the more experienced drinkers to seek this one out, because there are better ambers out there. If you see it, feel free to try it though. I mean sometimes its nice to take a break from the journey, and just enjoy a good beer. This one will fit that bill just fine.

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Drop Top Amber Ale by Widmer Brothers Brewing
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