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A Review of Frankenmuth Oktoberfest by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 8/28/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
There's something that causes me to light up when I see breweries starting to release their Oktoberfest beers. I don't know if it has to do with the upcoming change of seasons, the smell of football in the air, or just knowing that some of my favorite types of seasonal beers are about to be released. No matter which it is, the fact remains, Oktoberfest beers are back upon us my friends! These full-bodied, toasty, and malty creations just scream for a patio and people watching. More often than not they are highly sessionable, while having very warm and rich flavors. The guys at the Frankenmuth Brewery understand this concept and they nail it on the head by giving us the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest beer.

In the glass, it takes on a great copper color that is crystal clear and has just a small amount of bright white head. There isn't much head retention, but this still is a lager, and that really isn't a requirement for the style. The overall smell for the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest is malty. It is easy to pick out a sweet bready aroma in the glass, with some toasted grains, and light caramel notes laying just below the surface. If you stay with it long enough, you can even pick up on a very faint hint of clove floating around in there.

The first sip takes you right where a good Oktoberfest beer should. The malt flavors are warm and coat your mouth with a thin layer of sweetness. There is a bit of a toasted grain flavor that is typical for the style, and there is even a slight bit of a hops bite. And once again, if you focus, you can pick up on the faint clove that was detected in the smells from earlier. The mouthfeel ends up making this beer a great session brew. There is no heaviness or thickness to be found here. The carbonation level is spot on, and helps keep the beer crisp and delicious.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some offerings from Frankenmuth Brewery earlier this year, and was quite pleased with what I discovered. Their Frankenmuth Oktoberfest is no different. The good thing about Oktoberfest beers is that you can either recommend them to everyone or no one. The experience level of the beer drinker really doesn't come in to play as far as this style is concerned. All that really matters is if the beer is done correctly or not. If it's not, then it's really just a crappy beer, and everyone should just stay away. If it is, then every level of beer drinker can enjoy it. It pleases me to say that the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest is absolutely one of those done correctly. If you can find it, grab it, drink it, enjoy it. Their website proclaims ''Das good bier'', and I couldn't agree more.

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Frankenmuth Oktoberfest by Frankenmuth Brewery
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