A Pyramid for the people
A Review of Juggernaut Red Ale by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
Posted on 9/23/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Have you ever found yourself wondering why you sometimes see ''Red Ale'' on some beers and ''Amber Ale'' on others? I once did. So I did a little research, and I am here to save you some trouble. At the real core of it, there really isn't a difference when it comes to American made beers. So for the most part an amber is a red, and a red is an amber. Now if you start talking about imports and such, there can be some distinguishable differences, but luckily I am not here to talk about an import today. Instead, I am here to discuss a nicely done American craft brew. Allow me to introduce you to Pyramid Breweries Juggernaut Red Ale.

In the glass, the Juggernaut seems as though it takes on a deep mahogany color. It is not until you hold it up to a light source that you notice the ruby red hues around the edges. A frothy beige head sits on top and stays with you for longer than usual for a red ale, and that's not a bad thing. There is an overall sweet aroma that rises up out of the glass as you approach it. Caramel is the first thing you notice when you get closer in. Then a malty backbone makes itself known in a toasted bread form. Once you get past that, you can pick up on a decent hops profile that works very well with the other aromas detected. And if you dig down just a bit deeper, you can even pick out a bit of a peppery note every now and then.

The first sip fills your mouth with a smooth and sweet bready taste, but it gives way to a bit of a hops bitten caramel sweetness. Did that make sense? If it confused you, don't worry. It confused me too. Let me try that again. There is an upfront breadyness from the malts that has a bit of a sweet tone to it. The caramel starts to come through only moments after you feel the bread taste, and when it does, it is accompanied by a bit of a hops tingle. Only after you move past the caramel do you actually get a slight taste of some citrus hops and the pepper notes detected in the nose. There is a good balance through out the beer, and the mouthfeel is quite nice. There is a bit of a sticky feel left behind, with only a hint of the caramel lingering when all is said and done.

I think that overall, Pyramid Breweries did a good job with the Juggernaut Red Ale. There isn't a lot that's gonna knock your socks off about it, but therein lies one of its best qualities. It is what it is, and doesn't pretend to be anything else. The only drawback to it would be that its a seasonal/fall offering. I think that all beer drinkers could get some enjoyment out of this one. It could easily fill a role for both camps. For the beginners, it would make a great bridge beer. It isn't overly aggressive anywhere, and it has some really good flavors that would be easy on the unseasoned palate. And as far as the more seasoned drinkers, I think I am going to invent a new category. The new category is going to be ''Seasonal Session Beer''. It has a lot of great session qualities, like a very high level of drinkability, as well as some good flavors, but it's only available to you for a limited time. See how it would fit perfectly into the new category? It's nice how things work out sometimes.

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Juggernaut Red Ale by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
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