A Palm in your hand
A Review of Palm / Palm Speciale by Palm Brouwerij
Posted on 10/28/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
While making our rounds at the World Beer Fest, my co-founder and I played the beer pendulum game several times. We would have a really, really good beer followed by a really, really bad beer. Then we would land on another really good beer, only to swing back over to a bad beer. This happened over and over, and eventually it just became part of the routine. It was almost expected. But something we didn't experience much was a middle of the road beer. You know the kind I'm talking about. A beer that isn't mind blowing, nor is it horrific. Average is a word many would use to describe them. I did manage to find one though. I got in line for a Palm by Brouwerij Palm, and must admit that I was less than impressed.

In the glass it was a clear amber tint with a bright white head that had a rocky consistency. I put my nose in it right away and I was having a hard time finding much of anything in the glass. There were some faint core characteristics for the style. There was a light caramel smell and some toasted bread notes that I was able to pick up on, but only after I gave it a few minutes to warm up. A slightly fruity smell came through from time to time, but it was very vague and general. Some hops notes were detectible, but far from impressive. Other than that, I can say that I tried, but was unable to really find much more in there.

I went in for the first taste, and had an instant thought come to mind. That thought was ''Hmmmm. If there were such a thing as a generic base beer, this could be it.'' I was able to find more of the caramel and its sweetness in the first taste, with the toasted bread quickly following. There was a bit of a hops tingle on the back end, but nothing to really brag about. The only thing that I thought it had going for it that might clock in at above average was the mouthfeel. A large amount of carbonation made for a very crisp and lively mouthfeel, and helped in creating a very dry finish.

There haven't been many beers that crossed my path that I forgot almost as soon as I finished them. And while that list may be short, it just got one entry longer. Palm was just one of those instances where a beer did nothing to set itself apart. As I said earlier, average is a word used by many but deserved by only a few. That being said, Palm is just that. Average. I wouldn't recommend that any one actively seek this one out. It's really just not worth your time. I'd have to place it in the ''Hey, it will always be better than any of those mass produced crap beers. I'll drink it as an option to those, but that's about it'' category. If you see it, I could understand you trying it, but I would also understand if you passed it by.
More Info:  http://www.palm.be

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Palm / Palm Speciale by Palm Brouwerij
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