A real breakfast of champions
A Review of Beer Geek Breakfast by Mikkeller
Posted on 12/4/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Here lately I've started to notice a pleasant trend in my beer explorations. Mikkeller puts out some very good brews. While many of you possibly already know this as fact, it may be news to others. I'll admit that I was hesitant when I tried my first Mikkeller offering. Technically, they don't even have their own brewery. When it comes down to it, Mikkeller is actually just one man, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (don't worry, I can't pronounce his last name either). Mikkel is referred to as a gypsy brewer. He travels the world, brewing at various breweries, and in the end gives us some of the best beers available today. My latest reassurance of this notion was when I tried the Beer Geek Breakfast.

In the glass, the Beer Geek Breakfast is as black as a beer can get. Even when held up to a good light source, this one holds true in all areas. While a head measuring right at two fingers did form on a relatively aggressive pour, it didn't hold for long, and ended up more as a frothy film that laced decently throughout the session. As far as aromas go, you can't miss the coffee in this one. To me, it came across as more of a roasted bean smell rather than actually brewed coffee. Somewhat dark and fresh, but also dry and crisp. After letting it warm for a minute, you can pick out on some chocolate and toffee notes that compliment the overall coffee feel that it has. At times, it actually caused images of espresso to pop into my head.

When you go in for that first sip, the mouthfeel gets to you before anything else. It is amazingly smooth and creamy. The coffee flavor is right upfront, and again its more of a roasted bean flavor than anything else. There isn't much of a bitter coffee bite as you might expect, and in reality the beer comes off as rather sweet. The chocolate comes through in a creamy and smooth fashion, and laying just beneath it there is a bit of a burnt brown sugar and vanilla flavor that is faint, but delicious. The finish falls into the dry range, but to me that means clean and light. And I respond to that type of finish by continuously going back for more.

The more I am able to work my way through the rather large line of Mikkeller offerings, the more I am starting to believe that they are one of those ''can't miss'' breweries, but with a bit of a hitch. If you are a more experienced drinker, you seemingly can do no wrong with their offerings. They can be aggressive at times, and style stretching at others, but always delicious. If you are still somewhat of a novice in your beer experience, I may not be able to recommend all of the Mikkeller products to you at this point, but I can definitely recommend the Beer Geek Breakfast. This beer is a true beauty of a stout, and it will treat you right in all areas. And as far as the name Beer Geek Breakfast, I can't wait to put the breakfast part of the name to the test.

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Beer Geek Breakfast by Mikkeller
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