Ask and Ye Shall Receive
A Review of Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
Posted on 12/7/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Dale's Pale Ale. Those three words signify one of craft beers crown jewels to most of us that are part of the better beer movement. If you want to know my true feelings on it, you can hop over to my original review of it here:

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Now you might be wondering why I am doing another review of Dale's when I have already brought you the good word about it at an earlier point. Fear not. I have good reason. This time I am sharing a particular experience with Dale's that should be a helpful lesson for everyone.

Recently I was killing some time while out and about, and found myself at an establishment that is well known for its beer selection. While browsing their extensive menu, the what would turn out to be less than informed, teeny bopper bartender gleefully asked me at twice if she could get me a beer. Finally, after fighting the urge to slap the bubbly out of her when I had only known her to exist for 4 minutes, I asked an important question that all of you should always keep in your back pocket for times when you find yourself anywhere that has beer ''on tap''. As she started to tell me the daily pisswater specials, I interrupted her and asked ''Do you have anything on nitro?''. Puzzled, she looked back at me and said ''Nitro? I'm not sure. Let me check.'' Now her ''I'm not sure'' was not her way of saying ''I don't know if we currently have any beers on nitro tap'', but rather ''I don't know what nitro is, let alone if we have any of it, or beer with it for that matter''. I sat patiently as she disappeared, and upon her return I was told that they had Left Hand Milk Stout on nitro, and OB ale (which she pronounced ''Ob''). I quickly ordered the Left Hand Milk Stout, as it is an amazing beer in its own right, and on nitro it is pure beer heaven. I figured that she should be able to handle that without any confusion.

While I waited for her to find the Milk Stout on nitro on the wall of endless taps, I started to graze the beer menu in peace. As I was doing so a question started drilling itself into the side of my brain. ''Who the hell is ''Ob'' brewing or brewery?'' I openly admit that I don't know every single brewery and beer maker in existence, but something just didn't seem right. I went from menu grazing to focused searching. I had to know who ''Ob'' was. Just about the time she was showing up with my glass of nitrogen infused Milk Stout glory, I found the answer to my question. It wasn't ''Ob'' dammit. It was O.B., as in ''Oskar Blues''. And the ''ale'' it was referring to was Dale's Pale Ale. That's right my friends. I had just located an establishment with Dale's Pale Ale on nitro! It seemed as though the beer gods were smiling down upon me for not smacking the young bar wench with a well earned five across the eyes for not knowing what nitro was in the first place.

There was a huge load of anticipation that was with me all through my session with the Milk Stout. Don't get me wrong. I was a pro and took my time with it, but in the back of my mind I couldn't wait to get my hands on my first pint ever of Dale's Pale Ale on nitro. As my glass of Milk Stout neared its end, I looked at the bar wench and proudly and loudly decreed ''I will have a Dale's Pale Ale on nitro now! Please and dammit!''.

After a few minutes of waiting, I was rewarded with quite the treat. A pint was placed in front of me that had a huge, cascading head that nearly occupied the entire glass. Seriously. The particular picture that I chose to be ''helpful'' was to help you understand what I am talking about here. Don't worry. It's typical for a nitro pour to look that way at first. When all was said and done, the creamy latte colored head had receded to about two fingers in measurement, and it stayed around for the entire session. If you look at the helpful picture again, pay close attention to the bottom of the glass. That is the color that you end up with after the head settles down. There were just some very weird shadows doing a number on the glass from all angles. It actually comes out looking like a dark amber, bordering on a full blown brown. All of the expected Dale's aromas are present, but in a more muted manner. Sweet caramel malts, and very floral hops are undeniable. I really want to say they smell creamy, but I'm not sure you can actually smell creamy. If you could though, this would be it.

I openly admit that I couldn't hold out for a very deliberate examination of the aromas. Instead I gave in to my urge to dive in for a big taste. Oh sweet mercy! Talk about amazing. While one may or may not be able to smell creamy, one can absolutely taste and feel creamy. And that is exactly what you get here. It coats your tongue in a rich, creamy caramel sweetness that seems to protect you from any hops bite that might possibly be present. You still get the actual hops flavor, but the bite is non-existent. In reality, you get the feeling you are drinking a Dale's Pale Ale milkshake. While some of you may have just cringed, trust me on this one. Its a ''win-win-win-win-win'' situation all around.

As in my other review, Dale's gets nothing but praise from me here. Oskar Blues Brewing is known for their quality craft brews in a can. They don't need for me to sing those praises for them again. That isn't what this review was about anyway. It's about a ''nitro experience''. It's a lesson that I hope everyone learns. Never be afraid to ask what a bar has on nitro tap. I have had several instances where an establishment had a couple of offerings on nitro, but they were just listed as regular offerings. Many times, unless you ask if they have something on nitro, you simply may never know. Sometimes bartenders either don't know to tell you, don't know that there is an actual difference between nitro and regular taps, or are just unaware that they currently have nitro offerings. There are countless reasons why you might not know what, if anything, is on nitro. This is a perfect example where it absolutely didn't hurt to ask, and in the end I was highly rewarded for my effort. So learn from my experience. Don't be afraid to whip out that tiny little question and see what answer comes back to you. Say it with me. ''Do you have anything on nitro?'' Well done. Now take it and use it often and wisely.

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Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
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