A Flying Dog with a new trick
A Review of Wildeman Farmhouse IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 2/11/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
If you are a lover of craft beers like me, when you hear that one of your favorite breweries has introduced a new addition to their year round lineup, it is easy to get excited. From the first days of my better beer journey, Flying Dog Brewing Company has been right there. I have always been able to count on them for not only reliable beers, but outstandingly great beers. For the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam's In de Wildeman, they brewed an offering and it was met with such great success that they have now decided to add it to their year round lineup and simply call it Wildeman Farmhouse IPA.

Wildeman pours a hazy golden orange, and brings a bright, fluffy white head along with it. The initial aroma that hits you is a bright citrus hops. It takes a minute for you to get past all of its boldness, but once you do there is actually a sweetness to it that in some ways resembles a rich apple juice. One can attribute the sweet factor to the Saison yeast used in the brewing process. At times there is a bit of a peppery spice note that comes through, as well as some pineapple and apricot pops. Those little Saison yeast can probably be pointed to for those little surprises as well. And if you are careful enough, you can even pick up on a bubble gum smell that entices a childlike grin once detected.

The first taste of it instantly takes you to the world of big and bold IPAs, and just as in the nose, you need to take a moment to let it all sink in. The citrus is eye opening, and has a sweet grapefruit taste to it that also comes with a bit of a tart factor. Once you let all that settle in, the sweetness of the yeast comes through and welcomes you to the world of the farmhouse ale. Apricot and pineapple are present just as in the nose, and a surprise of mango comes through as well. Light spice notes throughout keep your palate awake and on its toes. And while the surprisingly dry finish leaves just a hint of bitterness on your tongue, you simply can't resist the urge to go back for more and more.

In true Flying Dog fashion, the Wildeman Farmhouse IPA blasts through all stylistic boundaries, and lands in its own world of beer awesomeness. It is a highly complex, yet amazingly delicious and drinkable beer. I really wish that I could recommend it to everyone, but I would be doing the less experienced drinkers a disservice in doing so. This one is too much for them. There are way too many amazing things going on in it that would either confuse them, or that they would all together miss. They need to work their way up to this masterpiece. On the other hand, those who love IPAs, or Farmhouse Ales, or just all around crazy creations, should seek this one out with a vengeance. It is pure beer goodness, and a job well done by Flying Dog. And what do we say to a dog when its done a good job? Good boy...and good beer!

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Wildeman Farmhouse IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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