Tried and Trusted
A Review of Red Sky Ale by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 2/19/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
Trusted breweries. A mental list that every better beer lover should have, because you never know when you are going to need one. I can't count the number of times I have been staring at a menu struggling to find even one beer that sounded remotely inviting, when the name of a brewery that had never done me wrong lined up with an offering on the list and I immediately felt a sense of relief. One such brewery that has earned its way on that list is Frankenmuth Brewery. I don't get many opportunities to have their tasty offerings, but when I do I am never disappointed. Recently I was able to try their Red Sky Irish Style Ale, and once again, they didn't let me down.

When poured, Red Sky has a warm copper tinted brown coloration that is quite inviting. About a fingers worth of head forms with a moderately aggressive pour, but only lingers for a moment before retreating to a mere film on the surface. Getting your nose in the glass introduces you to a warm malty bouquet of sweet caramel and toasted breads, with an earthy and pungent smell that specifically conjures up images of sourdough bread. Things get a bit biscuity near the very end, and just the smallest hint of hops sneaks in to finish things off.

The first sip of Red Sky is one of those “All good and no bad” moments. The caramel and bread noted in the nose are both warm and delicious. There is a bit of a tingle on the tongue that seems to come from a combination of carbonation and faint earthy hops, and it is just enough to keep the malt layers well balanced. On the very back end, there is a bit of a roasted, nutty layer that, while unexpected, is quite delicious and a nice way to finish the flavor train. The mouthfeel is fairly medium in weight, and overall the beer finishes of very clean.

Once again friends, Frankenmuth has not let us down. Their Red Sky Irish Style Ale is great representation of the style, and could be enjoyed by all levels of better beer drinkers. It is packed full of flavor, has a high level of drinkability, and from start to finish it stays true to the style. Experimentation is a requirement in our world of better beer, and I encourage it constantly. Never be afraid to try something new. But every now and then it is perfectly fine to resort back to the tried and true winners. Feel free to add Frankenmuth to that list.

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Red Sky Ale by Frankenmuth Brewery
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