I Blame It on the Weather
A Review of Schlafly Kolsch Ale by Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. / Schlafly
Posted on 2/24/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
Recently I commented on how nutty the weather has been where I live for the past few weeks, and as luck would have it, today was no different. The calendar says its February, but stepping outside causes one to think they have fast forwarded to the middle of May. I have tried to keep my face planted in stouts as much as possible during these confusing times, but today I had no choice but to look for something a little lighter and spring-ish. After doing bit of digging through my cabinets, I happened to find a Schlafly Kölsch Ale and decided that it's day had finally come.

In the glass, it's everything you would want in a spring or summer brew. It has a light golden straw coloration and a fluffy white head that has little retention, but leaves some spotty lacing through most of the session. The aromas are light and crisp, with notes of grass, hay, lightly toasted bread, and fruity yeast being the most distinguishable. The fruity notes laying just beneath the surface seem to be a mix between apple, pineapple, and ripe banana, and then for good measure, just imagine a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper tossed in on top of it all.

The first taste of it offers up a light and refreshing mouthful of deliciousness. There is a bit of a lemongrass flavor that greets you at first, but then things fall more into the grassy hops range. Once you move past that, there are some nice highlights of honey, wheat, and even pine. If you stick with it just a little longer, there is a pleasant surprise of buttered bread malts that seem to hold everything in check, as well as aide in what turns out to be a creamy mouthfeel. Granted the creamy mouthfeel isn't something that one usually expects in this style of beer, but in this case not only does it work, it shines.

I guess I should look at this crazy weather as a beer blessing in disguise. Granted, I was going to get to my Schlafly Kölsch Ale sooner or later, but now I am glad that I got to it sooner. Now I know what will be one of this years spring and summer staples for me if I am able to get my hands on some more. It has great flavor, great mouthfeel, drinks with ease, and overall is about as spot on for the traditional style as you can get in the U.S. All levels of drinkers could easily enjoy it, and I highly suggest that if you can get your hands on some, you do so.

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Schlafly Kolsch Ale by Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. / Schlafly
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