Deviant and delicious
A Review of Deviant Dale’s IPA by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/15/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
As a craft beer lover, there are several reasons to be a fan of Oskar Blues Brewery. First off all their brews come in cans. This makes for easy stealth pranking on your toilet water loving friends. Just slip a few in the cooler with their garbage and watch the hilarity that ensues when they accidentally crack open a real beer. Next there is the fact that they make some of the best craft beers on the market. Everything from the epic Ten FIDY Stout to the glorious Dale's Pale Ale and several other world class offerings fall underneath their brew umbrella. And now we have yet another reason to love them even more. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Deviant Dale's IPA.

In the glass it has a dirty copper orange coloration, and comes with about two fingers worth of an eggshell colored head that displays plenty of retention and lacing properties throughout the session. It should come as no surprise that with a name like Deviant Dale's, the hops profile is nothing short of mischievous. If you can think of a hops aroma, and are willing to take the time to look for it, odds are you can find it in this one. Sweet grapefruit and pineapple are very upfront, and earthy pine and light pepper follow close behind. Notes of grass, peach and mango can even be located with enough patience. Now I know what you're thinking, so let me go ahead and settle your concerns. As far as the nose goes, there are plenty of malts to keep things in balance. Light, but sweet caramel is easily found, and some fresh baked bread lays just beneath it. Do you honestly think the good people at Oscar Blues would try to leave you in a hops storm with no malt umbrella at all?

Going in for the first taste may seem a little intimidating, but trust me when I say there are no worries to be had. Just as in the nose, the hops are very upfront again, balance abounds in the glass. The grapefruit is what initially grabs you, and it has a candied sweetness to it that is nothing short of delicious. Peach and pineapple come through as a blend, and at times you almost forget about the earthy and peppery hops bite that is there from start to finish. The malts come through more in the aftertaste than anything else, and it seems they are there as a way to calm down any aggression left behind by the hops. They do so in the form of rich caramel, and if you don't find yourself wanting to dive right back in as soon as you swallow, something is wrong with your taste buds. The body is slightly on the side of full, and the finish is amazingly clean for an IPA, with just a touch of stickiness lingering in your mouth.

As I said earlier, there are countless reasons to love Oskar Blues Brewery, and now we have one more. Deviant Dale's IPA is an amazingly great example of the IPA style. Granted it might be a bit much for a novice, but if you are daring enough to go for it, this would be one of the first IPAs I would recommend you try. And as far as the hopheads go, This one is a no brainer. All of that high praise, and I still saved the best for last. It comes in a 16oz can. That's right my friends. More. Beer. For. Us. Cheers!

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Deviant Dales IPA by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
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