Smooth Sailing Ahead
A Review of Full Sail IPA by Full Sail Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/16/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
My fondness for Full Sail Brewing beers started long ago when on a whim, I ordered ''one of those little stubby beers'' that had caught my eye while sitting at a bar. It was as simple as that. I had heard nothing about the brewery, nor did I know anything about any of their beers. I just saw something different and took a chance. Little did I know that not only was I about to receive a delightful beverage, but that I was also getting my introduction to a fail-safe line of tasty brews. A long time has passed since that day, but I always welcome the chance to enjoy any beer with the Full Sail label on it, and today I have decided to partake in a delicious Full Sail IPA.

When poured, it takes on a golden honey coloration that is crystal clear. Almost two fingers worth of bright white head forms on a standard pour, but recedes down to a thin film on top that still has some decent lacing properties to it. Smells of orange juice, fresh cracked pepper, pine, alcohol, and floral hops make up the initial introduction. After a few minutes of letting everything settle in and warm a bit, more delicate notes of grapefruit, caramel, butter, and grass can be located as well. There also seems to be an overall feeling of ''bright'' coming from it as your study time moves on.

The first taste of it continues the bright feeling with some peppery pine hops greeting you right off the bat. There is just the slightest of tingles on your tongue from the hops, but nowhere near the typical bite that most associate with the IPA style. A bit of a sweet grapefruit flavor comes in to keep things moving along, and it is accompanied by a hint of pineapple. A toasted malt flavor then comes through to balance things out, and as it finishes it takes on a faint, but sweet caramel taste. When you combine all of this with a lively amount of carbonation and a light body, you end up with a highly drinkable and sessionable IPA.

The IPA style is quickly becoming a polar opposite style. By that I mean that you either get an IPA that will kick your teeth down your throat with an overkill of bitterness and no level of drinkability, or you get something that you can drink all day but barely taste a thing. When did either of these become an acceptable interpretation of the style? Shouldn't we want a well balanced beer, packed full of flavors, that you can start on when the sun comes up and still be sipping on long after it has set? For any of you who answered yes to that question, then I highly recommend you give the Full Sail IPA a try. Few and far between are beers like this in the IPA style, so do yourself a favor and grab a few if you see them. Trust me when I say that one simply won't be enough.

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Full Sail IPA by Full Sail Brewing Co.
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