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A Review of Dominion Ale by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/18/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
As your journey through the better beer world takes its random twists and turns, my guess is that you have in some way landed up on a few trusted breweries. It may have been that one particular offering blew you away, and that in turn led to you trying another, and another, and so on. Or it could be that you had unknowingly went through several offerings from a brewery before you realized ''Hey! Every beer that I've had from these guys has been awesome''. I know it happened for me with Old Dominion Brewing Company when I got my mind blown by their Oak Barrel Stout. One beer that was so amazingly delicious, I simply had to see what else they made. And through that action, I have now landed on todays beer, the Dominion Ale.

In the glass it has a dark brown coloration with a bit of a copper hue to it, and a healthy two fingers worth of white rocky head sits on top. Getting your nose in close allows you to pick up on some very nice roasted malts that come across like toasted bread, and at times there are some hints of fresh cereal grains and toffee. There are some subtle earthy hops aromas that start to come through as it warms, and a certain times there is a fruity aspect to it. Being from the south, I associate the fruity smell most closely to muscadines. Now if you know what a muscadine is, you know why this smell is worthy of some excitement.

Luckily, when you go in for the first taste, there are no surprises as it follows very closely to the nose. The malts greet you up front, and they maintain the toasted theme in the form of freshly toasted bread. Think of them like honey wheat bread tossed in a toaster for a few moments. There are some lighter notes of caramel and toffee tossed in, and as soon as they are detected, it's time for the hops. They are more earthy than anything else, but they also have a bit of an herbal side to them. Orange juice and pepper are the most dominant flavors from the hops, and they definitely grab and keep your attention for quite some time. There is a lively amount of carbonation to it, which helps this full bodied brew have a surprisingly clean finish, and the only aftertaste is a bit of caramel malt.

I've sang the praises of Old Dominion Brewing Company on several occasions now, and guess what? I'm totally here to do it again. Dominion Ale is a great interpretation of the English Pale Ale style, and I can easily recommend it to all levels of drinkers. It's a great introduction to the style for the newbies, and a stylistic treat for those who have been around the block a few times. The better beer world needs breweries that can seemingly do no wrong. We refer to them as ''go to'' breweries. At this point, I think its time we made room for Old Dominion on that list.

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Dominion Ale by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
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