'Tis the Season for a Nice Hefeweizen
A Review of Shotgun Betty by LoneRider Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/24/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
Let's face it, from time to time everyone's palate needs a break. It doesn't matter if you proclaim yourself a hardcore hophead, or a stern stout supporter. You could be a lover of the doppelbock, or a Belgian purist. The fact remains the same. Sometimes you just need to switch things up. Now this isn't saying that you are giving up the delicious brew nectar that we all love. Think of it more like a reboot or a perspective restart. One of my favorite ways of doing so is with a Hefeweizen. These beers are known to be light, refreshing, flavorful, and even if everything goes completely wrong with them you can still most likely get it down. Today I decided to give myself a much needed reboot with the Shotgun Betty from Lonerider Brewing Company.

I think we have stated on here before that Hefeweizens need not blow you away with any overpowering aromas or flavors to be considered good, as that is not their goal. As long as it keeps things on the lighter side all the way around, you are in good shape. Take for instance the appearance of Shotgun Betty. In the glass, it takes on a cloudy, bright, banana yellow coloration when you get all of the yeast from the bottom added in. It comes with about a fingers worth of a bright white head that leaves some spotty lacing throughout the session as well. The aromas stay pretty direct and to the point. There is some light, ripe banana and lemon zest smells mixed with a bit of clove and pepper, and some sweet yeast hints dancing around. Other than that, you might pick up on just a bit of an ester smell, and that is about it. Simple, but pretty spot on.

The first taste has no surprises either, and that is just fine. Again, you find some sweet and ripe banana to begin with, and it seems to have a bit of a banana bread quality to it. It is the basis for most of the flavor train, but it manages to get broken up quite nicely by the bite and spicy nature of the clove. At times a bit of a lemon flavor comes in to keep things a bit interesting, and the sweetness of the yeast can definitely be detected at times as well. There is plenty of carbonation that helps keep the very light vibe moving, and just the slightest hint of creamyness comes across in the mouthfeel.

As mentioned earlier, the object of most ''normal'' Hefeweizens isn't to blow you away with flavor or body or aroma. It's quite the opposite. Their beauty is in the fact that no matter how enjoyable they are, you almost forget that you've had one as soon as its finished. Lonerider Brewing's Shotgun Betty falls right in line with that thought process. As a result, all levels of drinkers can feel free to give it a try if it crosses their path. It may not blow you away on any level, and then again it might, but in either case it will come across as just fine.

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Shotgun Betty by LoneRider Brewing Co.
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