A Taste of the Appalachian Foothills
A Review of Highland Oatmeal Porter by Highland Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/23/2011 by Chops

A Bitter Bite Without Imbalance
A Review of Racer 5 IPA by Bear Republic Brewing Co.
Posted on 6/23/2011 by Chops

Building a Solid Foundation
A Review of Spaten Optimator by Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
Posted on 4/17/2011 by Chops

Welcoming Back and Old Friend
A Review of Samuel Adams Boston Lager by Boston Beer Co. / Samuel Adams
Posted on 6/7/2012 by Chops

Looks Can Be Deceiving
A Review of Leviathan Imperial IPA by Harpoon Brewery
Posted on 7/13/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

A Decent Amber With a Peppy Personality
A Review of Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale by Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
Posted on 8/7/2011 by Chops

If Bell's Can't Do It, No One Can
A Review of Consecrator by Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Posted on 5/2/2011 by Chops

Unearthing a Local Gem
A Review of Organic Guatemala by Red Rock Roasters
Posted on 10/27/2016 by Chops

Carrying Weight and Punch
A Review of Dominion Lager by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/28/2012 by Chops

Doing Battle With History
A Review of Glissade by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/19/2011 by Chops

Questioning the Wisdom
A Review of Palate Wrecker by Green Flash Brewing Co.
Posted on 2/3/2013 by Chops

Roger That...
A Review of Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale by Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/20/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy

Raising a Glass to the 1955 Dodgers
A Review of Pennant Ale 55 by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 10/21/2012 by Chops

A Helping Holiday Hand
A Review of Santa's Private Reserve by Rogue Ales / Oregon Brewing Co.
Posted on 12/24/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy

Celebrating Oktoberfest in the Bull City
A Review of Stierstadt Octoberfest by Bull City Burger and Brewery
Posted on 10/6/2011 by Chops

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